Our mission is to trigger architectural experiences.                      

We achieve this by challenging common approaches to problem solving, spatial composition and materiality.

Our spaces, objects and structures are crafted with clarity and an obsessive attention to detail, creating robust architecture that can stand the test of time and inspire a renewed sense of place.

Question. Craft. Inspire.


PKdM Arkitektar is a Nordic architecture and design studio. Its founder, Icelandic architect Palmar Kristmundsson, draws his inspiration from Iceland’s stunning natural landscape and from his encounters with vernacular Japanese architecture. The partner, Fernando de Mendonça brings a dynamic international perspective from large scale architectural projects in South America and Europe.

Over the years, they have developed an exceptional team of architects from around the world. PKdM’s clients and staff are committed to experimentation and the quest for exciting architectural experiences. Each of PKdM’s projects is designed to inspire a new sense of place through its clarity of design and unexpected details.

The team has twice been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe awards and has its work published in several design and architectural magazines such as, A10, Forum (Sweden), Architectural Review (UK), Nikkei Architecture (Japan), Living Architecture (Denmark), Bauwelt (Germany), AIT (Germany), Wallpaper (UK), Architecture mag (US), Frame (Holland), Domus (Italy) and Opus (Germany).

A dedicated international team of architects located at PKdM’s offices in Iceland, works for public and private clients on projects that include development and urban planning, high-rises, public buildings and private housing. PKdM’s architectural projects often incorporate the design of complementing objects, such as furniture, lighting, and built-ins embedded into the overall design plan. The aim is to deliver holistic projects, not simply drawings. This objective is achieved through close collaboration with clients and contractors as well as frequent site visits and hands-on follow-up during and after construction.

An unwavering commitment to the natural environment has been integrated into PKdM’s design philosophy from the start. To ensure quality and the environmental performance of its buildings, PKdM applies environmental and quality management standards throughout the design process.

PKdM’s architecture is built to last, a consciousness that is demonstrated in its clean lines, inventive material selection, advanced design solutions and robust structures that can stand the test of time.



The team has twice been nominated for a Mies van der Rohe award, has received numerous local and international awards, and has successfully competed in various architectural competitions. To name a few:


"The Plan" Award – Hafnartorg - Mixed Use / FUTURE – Shortlisted
"The Plan" Award - holiday cottages in Brekkuskógur  -  House - Shortlisted
Architizer A+ Awards - holiday cottages in Brekkuskógur  -  Special Mention for Architecture + sustainability
Architizer A+ Awards - holiday cottages in Brekkuskógur  - Finalist for Architecture + Landscape
AZ Awards  - holiday cottages in Brekkuskógur  -  Winner of people´s choice 


Re-Thinking the Future Awards – B25 – 2nd Prize for Residential Design
Re-Thinking the Future Awards – Árborg – Honorable Mention for Residential Design
Architizer A+ Awards – Turninn – Finalist for High Rise
AR House Award – Árborg house - Honorable Mention
Architizer A+ Awards – Árborg house – Jury Winner for Single Family Home
Dedalo Minosse – Árborg house


1st prize ­– Alvogen headquarters, Reykjavík – invited competition


1st prize – Association of Academics, holiday cottages in Brekkuskógur – invited competition
purchased entry – Vigdís Finnbogadottir Institute of Foreign Languages, Reykjavík – open European competition


2nd prize – Hafnarfjörður Library addition – open competition


2nd prize – Árnastofnun Haskola Íslands, Reykjavík – open European competition
shortlisted for second phase – Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík – open European competition
1st prize – Museum of Design and Applied Art, Icelandic Design Institute, Garðabær – open competition
DV Design Award in Architecture – Birkimörk home for handicapped youth
Nominated for the Iceland architecture award– Birkimörk home for handicapped youth


1st prize – Sólborgir master plan, Hveragerði – open competition


Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – B20 house 


1st prize – Höfðatorg master plan, Reykjavik – invited competition


Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Icelandic Embassy in Berlin 


Nominated for DV Design Award in Architecture – Icelandic Embassy in Berlin 

3rd prize – Keflavik International Airport addition – open European competition


2nd prize – Laugardalur swimming pool, Reykjavik – open competition


1st prize – Þróttur sports club, Laugardalur, Reykjavík – invited competition


1st prize – Icelandic Embassy in Tiergarten, Berlin – open competition
1st prize – Ísafjörður town center plan, Ísafjörður – open competition


1st prize – Living in Lava, Hafnarfjörður master plan – invited competition


nominated for DV Design Award in Architecture – Geothermal houses, Reykjavík
1st prize  – Form Icelandic design award for lighting design


1st prize – geothermal pump houses Reykjavík – open competition


1st prize  - Þrastaskógur master plan - open competition

1983 - 1985

Monbusho Academic Grant, Japanese Ministry of Education – Kenkyuusei research fellow


The PKdM team has its work published in various design and architectural magazines and blogs such as,

A10, Forum (Sweden),
Architectural Review (UK),
Nikkei Architecture (Japan),
Living Architecture (Denmark),
Bauwelt (Germany), AIT (Germany),
Wallpaper (UK),
Frame (Holland),
Domus (Italy),,,, (Germany),
The Plan Magazine (Italy),
Azure Magazine (Canada),
Detail (Germany) and
Domus Web (Italy).

Five footprints in Arnarnes, second edition

The book, originally published in 2010, presents five houses designed by PKdM in Arnarnes, a small penininsula close to the centre of Reykjavík. Two of them have already been built while the other ones are not built yet. The book contains a selection of pictures and drawings of the projects and it´s made in collaboration with the Brazilian photographer Rafael Pinho. Here you can find the link to buy the book on Blurb.


BHM vacation houses have been published in the special issue of the German magazine DETAIL dedicated to landscape.

BHM vacation houses on TINY HOMES

booq publishing has released the new book TINY HOMES MAXIMUM STYLE that collects 36 works of contemporary small houses, considered as an accessible option, adaptable to any environment, that include just basic functions without renouncing comfort. The publication includes the BHM vacation cottages of PKdM.

See project page

BHM vacation houses on DETAIL

BHM vacation houses have been published in the German magazine DETAIL number 10 2016.

See project page

BHM vacation houses on PHAIDON

Phaidon has published the new book ELEMENTAL LIVING that collects 60 stunning works of contemporary architecture, all of which have a special relationship with the natural landscape. The publication includes the BHM vacation cottages of PKdM arkitektar.

See project page


Angel Trinidad and Gestalten published in September 2016 the new book SCANDINAVIA DREAMING. The publication includes the Árborg House of PKdM Arkitektar.

"Scandinavia Dreaming presents dazzling interiors, architecture, and products that show the richness, variety, and intensity of contemporary Nordic spaces."

See project page

Article on PK arkitektar in Baumeister

There is an article on PK arkitektar in German magazine Baumeister march 2016.

BHM vacation houses on Archdaily

PK arkitektar designed BHM vacation cottages, were recently published on Archdaily. The vacation houses were finished early in 2015 and are located in Brekkuskógur in the South of Iceland

BHM vacation houses on Dezeen

PK arkitektar designed BHM vacation cottages, were recently published on Dezeen. The vacation houses were finished early in 2015 and are located in Brekkuskógur in the South of Iceland


Our company culture is energetic and collaborative.

We value people who make a positive impact on those around them. We take pride in our challenging, creative and rewarding working environment.

Question. Craft. Inspire.

Pálmar Kristmundsson
— Architect + Partner

Educated in Denmark at the Danish State School of Architecture in Aarhus and at the University of Tokyo in Japan where emphasis was placed on cultivating deep, patient reasoning, artistic acuity and independent vision. Pálmar Kristmundsson has subsequently built an exceptional career on integrating Japanese vernacular architecture with the striking effects of the unspoiled nature of his home country of Iceland.

After working for Takefumi Aida Architects and Associates in Tokyo, he returned to Iceland in 1985 to establish his own practice. Currently midway through his career, his work includes a stunning collection of embassies, office buildings, single-family houses, award-winning vernacular summerhouses, design objects, and collaborations with some of the most prominent artists of our time. What unites his projects is a deep understanding of the importance of place and an ability to infuse that place with meaning and quality. 


Fernando de Mendonça
— Architect + Partner

In 2003, after graduating from University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte in his native country of Brazil, Fernando de Mendonça made the bold decision to move halfway around the world, from the vibrant culture of the south to the enigmatic nature of the north. After collaborating with Pálmar Kristmundsson at PK Arkitektar for over nine years, de Mendonça worked in London with David Chipperfield on projects in the UK, Spain and United States, including a Technology Quarter in Segovia, Spain and the Menil Collection in Houston. Two years later, his work took him back to Brazil, where he collaborated with the renowned Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld on large-scale projects in South America and Europe, such as private villas, multi-family housing complex in Sao Paulo and a luxury building in Monaco. In 2013, Fernando returned to Iceland to join Pálmar Kristmundsson as partner of PKdM. 



The PKdM team includes a dynamic blend of experienced architects and emerging talent from different corners of the world, the team is committed to defying convention, rethinking solutions, applying the latest technology and industry methods, and to finding innovative ways of solving complex design challenges. The aim is to touch people’s lives with exciting architectural experiences based on respect for the planet we inhabit. 


Pálmar Kristmundsson
Architect + Partner
Fernando de Mendonça
Architect + Partner

General Manager

Gísli Jónsson
Engineer + Manager
Sigríður Hermannsdóttir
Office manager

Project Managers

Anja Schröter
Project Architect
Þorsteinn Geirharðsson

project architects

Gunnar Logi Gunnarsson
Hans Tryggvason
Björg Halldórsdóttir

PKdM Team

Guðni Walderhaug
Construction architect
Hlín Pálmarsdóttir
Office manager
Martin Stoyanov
Ernst Verwijnen
Fabrice Corminboeuf
Heimir Þór Óskarsson
Massimo Munari
Architect + 3d Visualizer
Sunna Dóra Sigurjónsdóttir
Svala Jónsdóttir
Interior Architect
Zsolt Takács


The PKdM team welcomes collaboration with industry partners and academics in order to share ideas and experience. Collaborative projects include working with faculty, students and individuals from universities, architectural and engineering firms, contractors, craftsmen, urban planners, artists and scientists.

We are excited to collaborate with and learn from the next generation of young architects locally and from around the world through internships at our office, workshops, lectures and seminars.

To learn more contact us at:


We have immediate positions for architects, full-time internships for students to work in our office.

Exceptional talent in architectural design, good skills in model making and expertise in vectorworks, archicad, photoshop and sketchup are required.

Other requirements:

- fluency in english - other language skills are a plus

- the duration is from 3 to 6 months (we prefer candidates who could stay with us for 6 months)

- It is advised that you apply for an eu erasmus/leonardo scholarship.

- candidates should come from an eu country for work permit reasons.

- applications including cv and work sample portfolio in pdf should be send by email (<4MB)

- please mention your preferred period of internship.


Andrew Burgess, architect

Anja Schröter, architect

Ankie Jakobs, intern

Arnhildur Pálmadóttir, architect

Árni Þorvaldur Jónsson, architect

Árný Þórarinsdóttir, architect

Bergljót Jónsdóttir, architect

Bernd Kolb, architect

Birgir Teitsson, architect

Birna Þráinsdóttir, draftswoman

Bjargey Björgvinsdóttir, architect

Bjarni Kristinsson, architect

Björk Einarsdóttir, intern

Björg Halldórsdóttir, architect

Björn Skaptason, architect

Cassiano Rabelo, architect

Claudia Neuchild, intern

Dagni Wiest, architect

Diogo Almeida, architect

Edda Þórsdóttir, architect

Erna Dögg Þorvaldsdóttir Vestmann, architect

Ernst Verwijnen, architect

Fernando Andrés Castro de Mendonça, architect

Fabrice Corminboeuf, architect

Gísli Jónsson, general manager

Guðni Walderhaug, construction architect

Gunnar Bergmann Stefánsson, architect

Gunnar Logi Gunnarsson, architect

Hans Tryggvason, architect

Haraldur Ingvarsson, architect

Heimir Þór Óskarsson, architect

Helena Hermeto, architect

Helga Guðrún Vilmundardóttir, architect

Helge Garke, architect

Hildur Steinþórsdóttir, architect

Hjalti Gudlaugsson, intern

Hlín Finnsdóttir, architect

Hlín Pálmarsdóttir, office manager

István Baranyai, architect 

Jorge Gonzalez Enriquez, architect

Jitske Torenstra, architect

Karitas Möller, architect

Kristjana Sigurðardóttir, architect

Lára Lárusdóttir, architect

Leonardo Colucci, architect

María Björk Stefánsdóttir, interior designer

Martin Stoyanov, architect

Massimo Munari, architect 

Matheus Diniz, architect

Monika Dís Árnadóttir, architect

Nicholas Crowley, architect

Olga Guðrún Sigfúsdóttir, architect

Ólafur Jónsson, architect

Óskar Örn Arnórsson, architect

Peter Foellbach, architect

Rafael Pinho, architect and photographer

Sigríður Hermannsdóttir, manager

Sigríður Maack, architect

Sigurlaug Lísa Sigurðardóttir, office assistant

Sindri Gunnarsson, industrial designer

Soffía Tinna Hjörvarsdóttir, architect

Sóley Lilja Brynjarsdóttir, architect

Stéphanie Letaconoux, draftswoman

Sunna Dóra Sigurjónsdóttir, architec b.a.

Svala Jónsdóttir, interior architect

Walter Hjaltested, architect b.a.

Ýr Hnikarsdóttir, draftswoman

Zsolt Takács, architect

Zoltán Vilmos Horváth, architect 

Þorsteinn Geirharðsson, architect

Þorleifur Eggertsson, architect